0.5 Poor


Please can the director tell me with such an amazing starcast how did he manage to make such a disgusting movie. the best pair in the movie was of john and vidya simply because there was a story, it touched ur heart and made u feel emotional and sohail khan provided some nice comedy which stupidly the director gave only a couple of minutes in the whole movie. if this movie is a tribute to love well then i really wonder........??????!!!!!! the movie is so painstakingly long that u have to actually keep looking at ur watch as to when it will end. any good movie leaves an impact, this movie sadly left none. this movie i guess will work and it will be one of the examples of how a movie like this works at the B.O. because of its starcast and a movie like dor or kabul express don't which is so sad because there is so much more of effort and thinking for movies like dor and kabul which does not even get appreciated. anyway thankfully its over. ppl go for it at ur own risk and take a panadol along with u!!!!!!