4.5 Excellent


Saawariya ooo Saawariya, Wait what is so disappointing and pathetic about the movie, is it the simple story, the wonderful settings, the performances, which have'nt eva been seen on screen before, has a story so simple has ever been presented so beautiful that u find urself sumwhere in there. Right from the start the movie is new and creative sequence where Ranbir meets Rani and tries to convince the landlord, where he sees sonam for the first time and their journey to her home. SLB is brilliant in his direction, You actually feel like watchin a fairytale. Ranbir's performance wha an actor he has shown y he deserved to be in the movie, sonam looks so beautiful and the simplicity of her character suits her.
One thing negative about the movie might be the ending which people might find stupid and false, but y not have an endin like this for a change

Wonderful work SAAWARIYA