5 Excellent


This movie is for the CLASSES not for the MASSES! :)

Ok, yes it may be too late for me to say this, as the film has been released months ago.

Yet I would like say that this movie is OUTSTANDING, its a CLASSIC.

In order to understand this movie, you need to have a sense of appreciation for arts and espcially literature.

Onc cannot expect to "enjoy" reading Shakespeare, or other classics such as the Odyssey.

Yet, they are considered one the greatest litertures of all times.

In my point of view, this movie is very different from Bhansali's other films.

He has taken Indian cinema to a whole new level by daring to make this movie.

Ok, so me give some answers to Taran Adarsh's questions in regards to the film:

Q)Which part of the country is this straight-out-of-a-fairytale town located? And what era are we talking of?

A) CLEARLY Rani stated in the STARTING of the movie that is KHAWABON ka shahar. Its an imaginitive city, you will NOT find this on ANY map.

Q)Even if you subscribe to the theory that it was love at first sight for Salman and Sonam, what is it that keeps their romance going?

A) Have you ever been in love? =]

Do YOU know that there is a thing called "commitment" =]

Q)Why does Salman disappear suddenly? Besides his name, the girl knows nothing about him. Not his home/native place, work/profession/work place, relatives, nothing absolutely. It's like falling in love with a shadow, isn't it?

A)When Salman was departing for Sonam, he CLEARLY said that he works in a profession where he CANNOT take her and therefore she must wait.

Even in the END, he says that "do u wish to spend this dukhbari life with me"?

That states that this man is not made of riches.

Also, you need to consider Sonam's character:

She is a girl who has been extremely shletred all her life. She is also naive.
So, do you expect this type of girl to even think about those things? such as his work/profession etc

There is one scene where Raj DOES asks her those things and she CLEARLY states

"what does all these things have to do with my love"?

Q)Why does Rani Mukerji abandon Ranbir, when he comes knocking on her doors and admits that he wants to spend time with her? Why does she lose her temper, although she secretly loves him?

A) Once again, it was CLEARLY CLEARY shown in the film, that Gulabji abondoned him because she does NOT want his reputation to get ruined.

This is shown in the scene where Raj is getting beat up, and Gulab's friend asks her the same question and she says

"If he wouldt have been beaten up TODAY, he would have been FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE"

Q)And Salman returns. The sequence that follows and the culmination to the story leave you completely disgruntled and perplexed!

A)Sorry to say this, but did you even UNDERSTAND the point of this story?

This story was about LOVE, PASSION, COMMITMENT

Gulanji was in love with Raj. Raj was in love with Sakhina, but she was in LOVE with Salman and was really commited.

This WHOLE story is about LOVE LOVE and LOVE.

And not just any kind of love, it is PURE LOVE, TRUE LOVE, the kink of love that no religion will ever forbid.

The kind of love that rarely exists in todays world (which is why this was shown in an IMAGINARY world)