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Excelent!!! Guys n Guls itz time to write reviews on Tran Adarsh if he has right to critise then y we dont hv on him.previously he has a good image but nowadays we saw lots of parcialities in him and he uses to kind of advertisment to making hit the movie.recently we saw his statistics and reviews goes against him n he loses faith of viewrs.ppl please please understand wat i want to say abt him. however i hv a great respect of him and also praises lots of unknown ppls. but i very upset how he has critisized such a wonderful movie N SLBs imagination .he said in his review their is no any part of world where that kind of fairy tail village exixst(this could be imagination) can he tell where is PUNAR JANAM is exist in the world?????. i dont know wat is the problem in these days may be his age factor ,if salman age factor shown on film den y tran adars age factor will show in his review . Tran will never praise new idias, imagination,(mostly hollywood movies are based on idias,imaginations c take example of harry poter ,spider man,termiantor,men in black n many mores including chinese movies even they exist in world ,is KRRISH is exsiting???) he praises only masala FALTO type, same stories types. which is repeted in many times in many forms ) just c the efforts of SLB