3.5 Very Good


.but i am actully disappointed with this album ..because its not so superb as it should have been...

i dont understand why monty or sanjay have chosen kunal ganjewala to sing those 3 wonderful songs!! he is just not good, his style of singing is not mad for those kind of songs..those songs should have sung by Shaan or Sonu nigam.

new comer sings very good :D

i love the title song......
and other which i prefer in order .. daras bina.., yon shabnami,jub se tere nain, sawar gayi and thode badmash..

i was waiting for more emotion in songs from sanjay...i dont think he chose the right music director(thinking of right choice of singers)he has composed good music.

now i just hope that the best film director sanjay leela has made those songs look good on the screen....and i expect a lot emotion in the movie from the filmaker who has made Black...waiting for 9th nov ;)