5 Excellent



Yes and big time

Ok this album mite not have a huge mass apeal

But u cnat expect a dard e disco in this albuma and im sure the songs will suit the situation.. This album oozes class

The music, is light, its melodious

1) Saawariyan Title

Shaila Hada has done an ausome job... Excellent song ... groovya dn the picturization si amazing too.. Very romantic song

Rating : 5/5

2) Jab Se Tere Naina

I love this song too.. Shaan has done an ausome job.. SUuperb song..love ittt.. Wicked follow up to the title trackk and im pretty sure its a ranbir song .. wen he falls in love with sonam

Ratign : 5/5

3) Maashalah :

Haunting, romantic, spiritual! Kunals vocals are amazing and im sure this is a Salman traack .. a very melodious track and shreyas way of singing allah is magical

Rating : 4.5/5

4) Thode Baadmash

This song is slbs debut as a director.. I love the whistle at the beginning and Shreyas voice is so innocent.. the lyrics are ausome by nusrat badr

Rating : 3.5/5

5) And now the best song

Yoon Shabnami

Excellent is not even the word. The song is the best song for me fo the year.. The beats , the music, the qaawali And Parthiv wat a debut.. Excelennt AND THE BEST PARRT THE SOUND AT THE END.. AND THIS IS AN EID SONG WIHT RANBIR AND SONAM .. AND THE ENDING SaLMAN COMES BACK

RATING : 5/5

6) Daras Bina Nahin Chain

In terms of quality this song ia amazing.. dunno y ppl dint liek ti
Richa Sharma has done a spellbounding job.. This song is like an AR RAHMAN SONG

Rating : 4.5/5

7) Sawar Gayi

Again shreya has done a really good job.. but this song is to slow..will sound better with picturization

Rating : 3/5

8) Jaan E jaan

It sounds like an rk film song in teh beginning

AUOSME.. though a sad song .. Kunal has dond an ausome job .. wanna c how its picturized

Rating : 4/5

9) Pari

Love the whistling.. grows after a few lissen
Amazing vocals by kunal again.. Superb

Rating : 3.5/5

10) Chabella

I like this song.. Alka has doen an ausoem song.. really playful song... VERY CATCHY TUNE..A RANI SONG AND WILL SOUND BETTER ON SCREEN

Rating : 4/5

11) Saawariya Reprise :

Unplugged version .. ok shail hada goes a bit overboard

Rtaing : 3/5

Superb Album.. amazing songss...

Sameer has given really nice and simple lyrics and nusrat badr again deos an ausome job

"The music is very classical a la Bhansali, though unusually quieter than what one would expect from SLB. Thus, to say the music is contemporary in the sense of hip-hop and rock-n-roll is incorrect; apart from the title song, the singers themselves are the only source of youthful contemporariness. It's not something an average teenager would get; they would rather spend their hard-earned money on the Om Shanti Om CD. Instead, their parents would better appreciate Saawariya, one of the most accomplished albums of recent times. And if you're an exceptional teenager, it may take a couple hearings, if not the first, to realize how timeless Saawariya's music is. Every song is a gem, with the title song, Jab Se Tere Naina, and Yoon Shabnami, and Daras Bina Nahin Chain standing out the most."

that i copied from another review but i wanted to say the same thing

My most fav album of the year

In short evrybdy should buy this album

Rating : 4.95/5