5 Excellent


Great classic type album after Veer-Zaara and Devdas, people need to stop comparing it to OSO, they are 2 different types of albums.

the title is simply as everyone who has fell in love with it said, incredible & priceless. it's a treat of a song.
the reprise is also quite fantastic. the long runs! woo! now those were impressive & from a newcomer! excellent.
shreya's sawar gayi is beautifulll! she sings it so gently and perfectly.
alka's finally back in chhabeela & she might be doing a song that is picturized on rani! anyway, the song rocks. its the closest the album gets to reaching the masses, but still a terrific song!
one of the top 3 songs of the album without a doubt is yoon shubnami! its awesome awesome awesome! the guys rendition is just amazing & brilliant. love this song toooooo much!
jab se tere naina! just mind-blowing! shaan's rendition is deliciously pleasing to the ears. its beautiful.
daras bina nahin chain's mainly an instrumental & its amazing! richa sharma's few words in the beginning illustrate her powerful voice especially when she says the word saawariya. anyway its just a superb track!

another high point of the soundtrack is no remixes what so ever! is that possible! yes it is when you dont have pritam or himesh in the studio. anyway, no remixes, incredible music & orchestration, perfect rendition of every song, makes for a pricless & spell-bindingly mesmerizing soundtrack!