4.5 Excellent

Rock On!!

Guys this Album Kicks A!! would give 5 starts to it. Well you can only expect a CRAP music review for a ROCK/Metal album from a person with a name like Joginder Tuteja and definitely names like Bruce Dickenson, Dave Mustaine, James Headfield are alien to him, i guess he is best suited to write music reviews for Dharmesh Darshan / Nadeem Shravan films he's not even fit to appreciate Rahman sahabs music... he is definitely one of the snakes that The song Zahreely is talking about yes the Society is full of Bad elements (Snakes) Politicians, Police, may be ure neighbour next door or even a relative... Guys this Song is great could have never imagined a hindi film would churn out such a great Metal songs only Farhan can do it...if ure into metal then ud like this one Great Vocals, Cool drumming, big Guitar riffs, adrenalin pumping... Mr Tuteja needs to go for a rock appreciation Class where he would learn about Riffs, Double bass drumming, Licks, distortion guitars and above all rock is about Sticking it to the man so it has to sound lethal massive.. big noise....

The Song ROCK ON is the soul of the entire album remember Lakshya yet anther great film by Farhan, The Riff of Rock on is taken from the BGM of Lakshaya when Hritik is climbing the treacherous heights with his brothers in arms... SEL (Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy) have used this riff to perfection to create a Cult Rock song definitely destined to be a hit.
Sind bad the sailor is about chasing your dreams and never giving them up till you realise it, this is a mainstream pop rock song again good vocal rendition by Farhan, guys get your hands up and start ringing your heads to this song.
Tum Ho Tum is a rock ballad just the right one to put you lights on, cool chord progression, never new Farhan can sing so good, if you like bands like scorpions, eagles, bon Jovi then you are bound to like this song, the only drawback is that this song misses a guitar solo a November rain sort of a solo would have been great!!!
This album is definitely going to be hit with all metal heads. One needs balls of Steel to produce music like this as there are numerous people like Mr. Tuteja who won’t appreciate such music.... Lay your hands on this album guys and stick it to the Man!!!! GRAB IT, DOWNLOAD IT, PLAY IT AND PLAY IT LOUD!!!! ROCK ON