2 Average

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

I was skeptical about watching the movie after seeing the promos.. but after watching the movie i dont know what to say.. First of all, the movie defies logic.. How come tanni didn't recognize that raj was his husband suri? N was suri suffering from multiple personality disorder that he could undergo so much personality change just like that? Well considering rnbdj one of the mindless roomantic comedies and not trying to make a sense out of it.. The movie is just about ok and sometimes snail-paced. ADI was directing after such a long gap expected him to choose a better script esp in these times of change(A Wednesday, Rock on). SRK was good as Suri and u felt his pain that his wife doesn't love him but he was unbearable and irritating as Raj(Some may argue it was required from the character but then the whole movie doesnt make any sense). Well SRK i like u only in Swades & Chak de india.. So please stop doing the over the top acting.. And to all the people who are comparing this movie to ghajini plz stop doing that both these movies belong to totally different genres. Ghajini is fast paced and entertaining in comparison. But for Die hard romantics i guess rnbdj works better.