4 Very Good


Well Prakash jha has finally showed it, that all an Indian movie needs a refreshing story good plot and proper direction , the acting will turn out to be charismatic. And his evidence , enters Rajneeti which essays the modern mahabharata(though it is strange that characters use words like 'jhyeshtha' to emphasise on this fact). Picking its roots in mahabharata , Godfather(actually the only time you feel it is in a line of the movie). One can rather prefer it being called as a classic game of chess . Where everyone is pawn . The real battle lies between kingmakers.
Right from the starting , the movies pays attention to story rather than accrediting its cast to full bloom. Every character marks his presence for a short time but carries out in perfection. Ranbir , who was getting tagged with soft and chocolate boy roles has slammed upon his critics and has proved he is versatile kingpin as of now.Nana Patekar , as usual plays his part to extreme perfection. Same can be said about katrina, Arjun, Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgan . Infact all the characters have done their roles extremely well. The Regal dialougue delivery empowering their charcters is certainly the catch of the movie.
The movie starts with the cameo of Nasserudin shah who in attempt to destablise the ruling party leaves away as he's overcome by his guilt of letting his mettle down, Which creates an impact in the felt only in the end. From there we travel to the third generation of the ruling party . with fued amongst the cousins the pandvas(consisting of arjun and ranbir) vs the kauravas( only manoj bajpai) aided by Karna(Ajay Devagan). With twist and turns at every plot the director leaves a mark at the viewers mind. FInally signalling the victory of good over evil . I kbnow i havent revealed much but trust me , its worth actually seeing it. reviews cant tell you much. They cant tell you every human is fallible and corrubtible . They cant reveal the proportions of grey shades the man takes in order to protect the throne. Literally The movie is a game of chess between Ranbir aided by Nana patekar and Ajay devagan . Time has come for bollywood movies to change And prakash jha says it out aloud . Thank you sir, for entertaining us .