4.5 Excellent


Raajneeti is no doubt a very fine political thriller but falls short of a becoming a great movie, because of so many characters creating a type of situation where they do not leave an indelible impact on the viewer’s mind. It is definitely inspired from Mahabharata but viewers should not expect a great drama like the epic. Yes the characters have been little inspired from the original but overall they get lost somewhere in the crowd.
Prakash Jha should have made the movie more impactful by injecting some powerful scenes but rather everything happens so fast that you may loose grip of what is happening if not attentive.Film’s climax is highlight of the film but again it has been shown in a very hurried manner that it does not leave much impact. Overall the film is lovely but could have been great.

The film is strictly for the matured audiences who have overall idea of politics and all. Popcorn and non serious audience should better avoid it.