1.5 Average


Ra.One Review

Anubhav Sinha's Ra.One starts with subramanyam who is game developer and the company which he works for is about to shut down because of sad games which are developed...

Subramanyam's child gives him and idea about making a villain more stronger than hero, and something goes wrong in virtual world, and Ra.One comes out of the game.

He is about to search his game component who left the game in between. The huntgoes on till these guys come back to india.

The movie sucks big time, as nothing is great, no enjoyment. The very first movie of super hero is without any fun, the theater was all packed with children but none clapped at the end or inbetween the movie, neither enjoyed the movie.

Acting wise as usual Sharukh was the worst choice for this role. Kareena tried exposing again but didn't worked. Arjun Rampal as Ra.One neither impresses. 2 mins of Rajnikant in the movie as guest apperance were really impressive again. Chitti was back and people shouted for his entry.

The whole concept dosent work in the movie, neither programming, nor coding. Everything goes so fast as if its fun gng on.

Over all I would say, don't waste ur money even if people are paying you for the ticket, but ya if you don't have AC at ur home and wanna enjoy a chilling sleep plz go to multiplex buy ticket and go for a sleep.

1.5 star out of 5 just for the vfx and animation used, and Akons chamak chalo.. Avoid it big time.. Watch Krish again, would fresh up ur mind..