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Pyar Ki Baazi

After widower Chunilal passes away, leaving behind his young daughter, Kamla (Baby Sarla), and a son, Dheep (Moti Sagar), who is overseas, in the care of her widower paternal uncle, Girdharilal, who lives a wealthy lifestyle with his son, Raju (Jagdeep). The former wants unconditional control of his brother's wealth and arranges Kamla's abduction. He is enraged when he finds his son's future widower father-in-law, Chowdhury, the father of Vimla (Vijaya Chowdhury), is near bankruptcy, and cancels any plans for marriage, resulting in the sudden death of Chowdhury, leaving Vimla homeless and at the mercy of men who want to molest her. Girdharilal then arranges Raju's marriage with Asha, the only daughter of wealthy Badriprasad not knowing that his son is in love with someone else. Girdharilal then faces challenges from Dheep, who has returned home, and accordingly frames him, and gets him arrested for killing a male named Sangram - leaving him free to acquire Chunilal's estate.

Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)