5 Excellent


The expectations were not high ever like it has been for PK....That's the problem with PK.... Raju Hirani's Track Record is brilliant ,,, and thankfully will remain the same after PK at least until his next movie .. The Munnabhai Series was great .. Being comical with though provoking concept is something which is liked universally. With 3 idiot Hirani and Aamir Khan had made a masterpiece , a movie made with perfection without a single flaw. So whats beyond perfection ! Nothing . And that's where PK stands , behind perfection and behind 3 idiot. As i have always said that the hardest movies to review for me are of Aamir Khan's as he is my favorite and i expect a lot from him always. I will try to keep my emotions out of it. So the movie starts with a spaceship flying around the sky of earth and left Aamir(yes he is an Alien) somewhere in Rajasthan to do analysis on earth and there people and somehow the remote which is used to call back his accompanied aliens is lost by him. That's all about first 15 min of the movie. Cut to Belgium we have Anushka Sharma fallen in love with a Pakistani boy(Susant Singh Rajput) and somehow separated before they can get married and Anushka came back home. This Belgium sequence was the most uninteresting part of the movies although in between that the Char Kadam song was really fresh and sweet to watch. Rest of the movie shows how in the way of finding the lost remote PK(Named unintentionally by the human beings) with the help of TV reporter Jaggu (Anushka) learn about the earth , people here , their believes and get confused out of it. The first half deals mostly with introduction of PK , establishing Anushka's character and PK telling the back story what actually happened to him when he was left by his fellows (which also includes how PK learned Bhojpuri - watch out for that sequence).Up to interval the flow was nice , no melodrama , full comic elements(although the level of comedy was not high as it was in Munnabhai and 3 idiot). Its the 2nd half where film drags a little bit and pull it down from perfection. The problem is that the way Hirani has tackled with the concept of God vs Godmen was not unique. It was too similar to OMG starring Paresh Raawal and was more hard hitting in OMG as compared to PK. And also the climax was of the track concentrating on the love relationship of Anushka and Sushant instead of the religious belief and the questions movie has asked earlier. Don't think i have to say anything about Aamir's performance. He has mastered his acting capabilities with each and every film . To play an alien is not an easy work but he has killed it. Anushka looked too cute , a girl to whom anyone can easily fall in love with , what exactly happened with PK too. SaUraV Shukla could have done a better job as a Godmen. Boman , Sushnat and Sanjay dutt are in the movie as extended cameos . Music suits the movie as situation bases although i have liked it more if Dil Darbadar song has been in the movie in full length. The song Bhagwan by Sonu Nigam has been picturized with great emotions.

PK is a nice movie to end the year with , only if Hirani didn't have made 3 idiot before PK , it would have looked much better. Can't say this one was the best of this year , for me QUEEN got that position , still its one of the best this year have given us. 8.1 / 10 . by ANuP APu KuMaR.