1 Poor


Main drawback of this flick is you never get involved in the drama. Every thing happens for the sake of happening. Promo clear cut reflects about the story line. So it was clear from beginning. Screenplay does not offer any interesting scene. When ever they felt difficult to come up to any challenging scenes or twist or felt movie dragging significantly they conveniently stuff it with bullets and blast. Dialogues are just conversation. Starting few minutes, dialogues are confusing too. Scene is serious but dialogues add a pinch of humor too like "Tumhare Beewi, Bachchoon, family....and culminate with Kutton Ke Bhi Kaan Me Yahan Kaha Ek Skabd Nahi Padna Chahiye... Kutton!!! Were they intended to evoke laughter in a serious scene. Again " Sir, Uske Baare Me Kahin Koi information Nahi Hai, Wo to Facebook Par Bhi Nahi Hai" What it is!? Most of the drama unfolds on the screen and you sit cool and compose on your seat. Love track was not required or justified at all but when you have stars then you have to do something. I was quite unable to understand complete Seria sequence. Who is fighting, against whom and why, and above all how can a person recognize the protagonist when he could not recognize him few minutes before, because this time he has machine gun in hands!!? Jail sequence is also very convenient except the way of executing the task. Mother gives so young pics of her son to a person whom she believes a government person, how is it not possible to have a recent or at least three year old pic of her son and if it has to happen then there should be reason behind it? It is not usual thing. Everything falls on place, protagonist just has to use them, like a person was already despo to get married so he can use the public addressing system to bug and it is 2015 but they still use such old fashioned huge metal mike, because it is Pakistan!? No because they have to bug it and it was not possible with the new mike. There are new type of momentarily thrill has been introduced in lots of places in this script, like person checks all the mike in correct socket but does mistake for one mike and tries to open the mike then another person makes him notices his silly mistake of wrong socket. Thrill comes and goes in few seconds. There are many scenes of similar nature. Last target chasing sequence is so childish, even the way they try to escape. Pregnancy excuse for crossing check point is so old and the performance given by main female lead makes it comic as if she was deliberately making them fool and they bought this bad enacted story. Police are so stupid that they are looking for a registration number rather than focusing on make of vehicle, color and person going in it. They could have cornered every vehicle of that make, which was not common too. Climax has Titanic touch. Performance wise Sail Ali Khan is OK. Katrina Kaif drags emotional scenes very aptly, like when she convinces nurse to buy her story and sympathize with her mission or in last chase sequence. Zeeshan Qadri has nothing to show his caliber but he proves his depth in just a shot when he salutes in climax. Actress who played the nurse, is a good performer. Rest are just OK.