0.5 Poor

Terrifyingly Disgusted! That is what I felt while sitting through this horrible film! My thoughts kept going back to Tarans review, and I kept trying to find something to justify his 4 stars!! BUT.. I could find nothing (apart from the climax to some extent [which also was questionable?]).

First things first, this is meant to be a humorous 2 hour journey making you forget about your worries (as your meant to leave your brain at home anyway - as taran says) but the movie only added to my worries and tortured me for over 2hours! Infact the movie gave me such a big headache all throughout! OK second halfs end was fairly decent when compared to the overall whole movie, but all the rest 2 hours was disasterous!

Theres no doubt its a scene to scene copy of hitch, but hitch is a masterpiece in comparison!

I dont know what David Dawan was thinking when he came up with this film! It is total baqwaas and a useless film. He probably just thought to himself that Ill put two retired actors togather who are both gonna overact in my film and try to force the audience to laugh by making the most stupidest faces and noises and ill just rake in the moolah. It will work for him for the first few days but after that this crap is going straight down the gutter!

Too be honest with you all the actors tried too too hard to make the audience laugh, ok they knew there rubbish dialogues wont work so instead they tried to overact and almost force the audience to laugh (its like them putting there hands on our face and just forcing that smile to come), the only person i thought was decent and natural was Rajpal Yadav and the little kid Rohan.

Everyone else sucked including the director.

Acting was one of the worst of this enterprise.
Govinda was retired and im afraid he should just stay retired and forget about trying to come back.
On the other hand Salman Khan needs to hurry up and retire and stop torturing us with stupid performances and acting like a child! All his acts are repetative and he thinks pulling faces and overacting is good acting, but thats not how you are supposed to make a comedy.

David Dawan needs to go back and visit some other comedy movies like Cheeni Kum and Fool n Final(to an extent) to really find out what comedy is, this director is loosing his touch film after film and PARTNER is one of his worst attempts at comedy!