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I agree that Indian cinema should progress beyond its mishmash of candyfloss love stories, boring gangster dramas, star-driven junk stuff etc - but are movies like NISHABD actually providing quality variety fare? is it logical by any standards to assume that a 64 yrs old man would 'fall in love' with a 19-year old ? and that too when the 19-year old is shown as someone strutting around with her long legs and skimpily clad ? two things can possibly happen -either the 64-yr old man would ask the 19year old to behave herself, or, he would be strongly driven by his testosterone! and how can this be showcased as poetic love! the trauma that Vijay undergoes is sheer lust, period, a desire trigerred by seeing something young, tender, juicy and supple, and not something platonic at all - but RGV wants us to believe it that way, which is like serving a very well-cooked polythene bag of basmati rice, instead of the rice itself! this simply is not the direction Indian cinema should be taking - being unconventional is fine, but being illogical is taking the intelligence of an average filmgoer for a ride! all those 60plus oldies travelling in buses in metro cities dont 'fall in love' when they oogle at young dames - nor is there anything even remotely platonic about oldies desiring to be in the company of younger women - lack of courage to show things as they are is where our filmmakers fail - and to top it all, the dumb tagline, "some love stories are not meant to be understood" - how about this "some stories are not meant to be made into movies, if they dont have logic in them" - that would be more appropriate - not just RGV, it is AB too, who has taken all of us for a clean dumb-s*ckers ride - in one interview he says
"senility is not the end of desire", thus making "desire" the central issue of this movie, while all of our critics go gaga over this not being about 'desire' but about 'emotions/love' - give us all a frigging break! at this rate, we will never ever get out of the rut of filmmakers making bad cinema in the name of intelligent cinema, while movies like NISHABD insult our intelligence