1 Poor


Thrillers are like mathematics question, either you get maximum marks or you get zero, there is no scope of pass mark. Screenplay is very kiddies. When they want to add gun in plot, they shown that the male protagonist is very close to Delhi DIG, so he gets easily a gun license but when it comes to their rescue, even after informing the DIG, Police didn't even tried to find out, which is very easy if one has close of a DIG, state doesn't matter. A DIG have enough power to influence any other state Police. If DIG called back and the person couldn't pick the phone, it was enough to make him suspicious, he can easily find out the location and send the help. A person, who is clearly unaware of the village streets but chases the hard seasoned goons in a SUV where goons are aware of every corner of streets but they run for saving their life, Even they know that her only strength is SUV, she is not physically strong, then why did not they try to trap the vehicle in a narrow street!? This type of scene, only a person can conceive who have never visited a village. Fact, running a SUV freely in every corner of a village street is not possible and goons could have hide anywhere and trapped the person because reversing s SUV in streets is almost impossible. Even standing in a corner can save you from SUV and force that person to come out from the vehicle. There is musical program in village but after so much chasing and drama there is not a single person in village!? This musical program was stuffed for showing the village deserted. In introduction scene it's very clear that goons are ruthless but protagonist tried to chase them without any planning and that also just for threaten them with the help of gun!? Why did the person going for honor killing take along a mental retarded person, just for stuffing some thrill!? It is height of naiveness in screenplay. They show in a shot that it is full moon but took this fact for granted in lighting. Every frame is almost bright light. Performance wise Anushka Sharma is just for shouting and limping. Rest are just OK. One love track is melodious.