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Navaratri (1985)

After the passing away of his wife, Kaushalya, wealthy Thakur Prithvi Sujan Singh (Abhi Bhattacharya), gets married to Shobha (Padma Chauhan), who starts abusing his daughter, Savitri (Ranjana). Things get even worse when his brother, Lalluram (Tarun Ghosh) marries Lalita (Bela Bose) who joins forces with Shobha in ill-treating Savitri. Then a stranger, Ajay (Ashish Kumar), who claims to have been separated from his widowed mother (Vatsala) and sister, Meena (Meena T.), moves in, gains the confidence of Prithvi, and both he and Savitri fall in love. Prithvi arranges their marriage but Shobha moves out, and the couple head out for a Tirath Yatra to visit all holy dhams of Devi Maa Ambe. During this Yatra, Ajay gets re-united with his sister and mother, brings them home, and Prithvi permits them to live with them - much to the chagrin of Lalita - who fires all servants and forces them to work. Unable to bear this humiliation, Ajay, Savitri, his mother and Meena move out. Prithvi attempts to get them to return albeit in vain and ends up having a paralyzing stroke which gets him bedridden. Ajay gets hired as a Shehnai-player in a Mandir and the couple are soon blessed with a son who they name Kumar. Prithvi then decides to will his entire estate to Kumar - and it is this decision that will result in the death of the youngster - bringing nothing but devastation to the entire family.
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