3.5 Very Good


Rajiv (Rishi Kapoor) comes from a very wealthy family, and lives in a palatial home with his mother (Sushma Seth), who would like him to get married to a beautiful young woman named Vijaya Singh (Komal Mahuvakar), the only daughter of Thakur Ajay Singh (Prem Chopra). But Rajiv is in love with Rajni (Srivevi), an orphan with no family background. When Rajiv mentions this to his mother, she opposes this marriage, but relents when she meets with Rajni and sees that she is a indeed a beautiful woman. Both get married and live harmoniously for quite some time - until the arrival of Bhairo Nath (Amrish Puri) a religious man, who is capable of controlling snakes. He informs Rajiv's mom that Rajni, is a shape-shifting venomous snake who has married Rajiv to avenge the death of her spouse years ago when Rajiv was a child. What Rajiv's mom does not know that Bhairo Nath has a hidden agenda in entrapping Rajni, - the knowledge of which will shatter and change their lives forever.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)