1.5 Average

My Name Is Khan

Outstanding performances, beautiful locations and a dull storyline... that's what the much hyped My Name is Khan all about. All the characters have given a standout performance, Shahrukh undoubtly being the best among the lot as Rizwan Khan.. but the script is too dull to keep the viewer engaged till the end. Also the length of the movie is a minus point.. when the first half ends you wonder the second half must be action packed and engaging... but this never happens in whole movie. The last hour of the movie seems so long that you will start wondering when this will end. The song 'Hum honge kamyab' also irritates at regular intervals. The journey of Rizwan is also far from convincing. It is just to increase the length of the movie. I know that the critics have appreciated this movie a lot and the movie has been given more than 4 stars by most of critics.. but trust me this movie isn't for the 'aam janta'.. only die-hard Shahrukh's fans are gonna love this movie.