3.5 Very Good

Manjhi The Mountain Man

Manjhi- Movie Review by Shoby

3.25 Stars out of 5

Cinema is all about entertainment but what comes a surprise is when you get to see information that enhances motivation embroiled in thorough entertainment. Ketan Mehta is known for making some real Path Breaking cinema. From Maya Memsaab to Mangal Paandey, he has a habit of exploring diverse genres and providing films that leave an impact on the viewer. This time, he yet again attempted to bring a true anecdote to the celluloid.

Dashrath Manjhi- An unsung hero, who dug a mountain to explore a pathway in order to connect village Gehlore to other part of India. Now this subject was difficult to make, not only because it required to present a make-believe cinematic product but also to keep the entertainment factor in the right quantity, so that viewer may not get dragged or bored, due to the dryness of subject matter.

This film should be applauded for its top notch screenplay, which never allows you to turn your eyes away. Such a tight gripping script with pitch perfect dialogues, that has a favor of Behaari local lingo, which used to be spoken in 50s and 60s in Indian Behar.

The real hero of the movie is the great Nawaz uddin Siddiqui. This guy is more than a huge talent. Right after one another, he is continually making Indian cinema proud by giving his best shots in every other movie. After Kick, Badlapur, recently blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijan, now he has nailed it in Manjhi. Not even a single frame, you will find him losing the grip from the character. A special mention is due for Radhika Apte too. She was almost pitch perfect in the role of Dhasrath's wife- Phaguniya.

Some sequences need to be mentioned particularly here. When Nawazuddin says to his daughter, how many times I have told you not to climb this mountain, what will I say to Phaguniya. His mud shot, where he along with Radhika Apte disappear in mud. When Dhasrtath's father say to Mukhiya, "Babua ka haath dukh jaey ga Malik, hum khud hi maar letey hain. The daffodil's shot, right after the dead of the wife of Dhasrath's friend. This is one film that I watched some of its scenes with moist eyes. What an emotional connect, Ketan has created with the audience.

Art direction is yet another USP of Ketan Mehta's products. He did it with great authenticity in Mangal Pandey and this time he has yet again done with utmost greatness. He has beautifully shown the village ambiance of 50s and 60s.

This time of subject does not need fabricated music and dance numbers. Background score was good and a couple of songs were used just to make the story progress further. Editing is crisp.

Overall, this film is not to be missed at any cost. Just respect for Nawazuddin for showing this great acting display. Shandaar... Zabardast.. Zindabad...