3.5 Very Good

Manjhi The Mountain Man

Manjhi : The mountain man carried only by Nawazuddin. The films deals with a guy who breaks the mountain to take revenge for his wife's death. This film has lack of emotions and the intensity which it needed the most for this kind of script. Manjhi doesn't hit at the right spot of the audiences.

As Manjhi breaks the mountain without anyone's help same as Nawazuddin carries the whole film on his shoulder with his sheer brilliant acting. Manjhi is the sum up of all his previous work. His acting is the only thing which kept me hooked till the climax. He just not only played Manjhi but he also lived the character. Radhika Apte in a small but a powerful role left an strong impact on the audiences. She played the role of Phaguniya wonderfully. It was delighted to watch her on screen.

The first half of the movie was brilliant but the climax was stretched unnecessarily. Background score and other technical aspect was good especially the screenplay of the film. Don't expect much from the movie go for Nawazuddin and to watch his one of the best performances till date.