2.5 Good

Maa Beta

After being asked to leave, a couple start their own business, succeed considerably but face challenges when the husband gets killed and their newborn child goes missing.

Dependent on his elder brother, Bishan Sahay (I.S. Johar), Ganga (Tarun Bose) and his wife, Rameshwari (Nirupa Roy), are abused and asked to leave. They work hard, set up their own business, and soon become wealthy enough to even support Bishan and his wife, Krishnadevi (Manorama). A pregnant Rameshwari gets the news that her husband has been killed. She subsequently gives birth to a boy, who goes missing. Will she be ever reunited with her son?
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
NB: Correct title is: Ma Beta