3 Good

(streaming on Z5) 13 crore budget film.
After 'Kahani' mesmeric picturization of our own city of joy vibrant Kolkata specially North Kolkata by Aniruddha Roychowdhury director of Pink.. Anuranan..Antaheen.

The story narrating the lost of values, integrity, dedication, negative shades of politics.. in background of a young woman crime reporter who is working on a story of sudden disappearance of a young student theater activist.

Brilliant casting. Yami Gautam steals the show , Tushar Pandey as usual performed his best. Rahul Khanna as a antagonist with always smiling innocent face but very shrewd and Pankaj Kapoor as intellect professor proved that they can justice brilliantly their character authentically.

Lost is not a entertaining movie, may be sometime you feel that you have wasted 2 hour. But its compelling to you to think, to find the answer of questions arise in your mind.
There are so many loose ends..flaws in script, but message.. narrative.. statement..is not loose, its very strong. Thought process is very clear.
Worth watching. My rating will be 3 out of 5.
This Film received a standing ovation at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival, where it premiered. It was also selected as the closing film of Atlanta Indian Film Festival.