5 Excellent


I had stopped writing reviews - but after seeing 2.5/5 for this album - I could not stop myself - reviewers at this site, I guess do not possess any music listening knowledge.

This is probably one of the best albums of the year.

Rehmat Zara - this is sung beautifully and the little mix of guitar with the upbeat tempo really sets the tone here (Irfan and Mithoon suit each other well)

Salaam Zindagi - this song resembles another ive heard before (Gurus of Peace) but this is another decent song.

Main kaun Hoon and Zameen -- are the only 2 i would not upto the mark songs compared to the others. but the others are way better than the songs we have been hearing these days.

Now comes to the 2 songs or should i say 17 min altogether of music at its best. Whether it be Mika, Chinmayi or Kshitji --- they all are just amazing. Mithoon once again after his music album comes back and reminds us that he has a special side of Rehman sir in his music.

If i just hear these 2 songs - i would not care if the album had 20 other garbage songs - these 17 minutes deserve 5/5

Please everyone listen to this album - you will not regret it - however if you are into the fast paced songs - you will not like this. I personally feel this album is much better than Raavan -- its just because Mithoon is not as popular he isnt appreciated much but he has talent.