3.5 Very Good

Lal Haveli

Even though the Thakur (Badri Prasad) has taken pride in the ownership of Lal Haveli, so named as Raja Sher Singh, had shed blood to protect Badshah Humayun, he is quite content in concealing that he had forced his sister, Lal Kanwar, to suicide by refusing to permit her to marry Ajit Singh. Years later, he earns the wrath of young Anand (Surendra) when he inadvertently assaults the former's widowed mother, and prevents him from ever seeing his daughter, Mukta (Baby Meena Kumari). This does not prevent them from seeing each other when they mature, however, Anand, refuses to enter the Haveli even on Mukta's (Noorjehan) insistence. When Thakur arranges her marriage with Jawahar, the son of Lakshman Singh, an enraged Anand takes a gun and attempts to kill him - in vain albeit - but Jawahar is hospitalized in a critical state. It is this incident that will end up changing Mukta's outlook towards Jawahar - changing the lives of the two lovers forever.

Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)