3 Good


Expectations were sky high with a HR movie coming after almost 30 months.. As the movie started on, it created further curiosity... And by the end, I had the feeling that the story pulled it back from being a masterpiece.. Honestly, it was OLD wine in NEW bottle. Boy loves a girl and cons follow them,, it's nothing new.... Surely, the story is the biggest drawback of the film. But then, you have Hrithik in it. Thanks to Anurag Basu, as he hasn't spoiled the 2 hrs. The film has its moments with Hrithik and Barbara truly creating quite a chemistry. Hrithik doesn't let you down as he is admirable throughout. He dances, emotes and acts to near perfection. Barbara too was pretty impressive. Kangna had not much to do. CLIMAx was wonderful. But again, you certainly can't expect the mass to watch a film with sub-titles in the theater. I remember, the row next to me had some viewers commenting and yawning throughout. The taste of movies is changing, so don't write KITES off. The makers should be praised for attempting to make such a well composed film. Meanwhile, while stylizing, they forgot the backbone, the story.