0.5 Poor


What A waste of time and money. I went to preview show and can see somemany people coming with hope and all it was just waste of time and money.
Didnt expected this from such a huge star like Hritik. Some of the scene look like 1950's were police and gangster are chasing him for hours and hours shooting bullets and he is dodging those bullets in car and on bike....lol
If you take a hunk like Hritik and if there no action scene then it is a waste.... There was Hardly any action in movie....

Barbra Mori looks nice but she cud have done better if there were more romantic scene of few hot scene in movie. There are hardly any romantic scene in movie. The kiss in barbra mori and Hritik is not passionate at all.... common guys this is 21st centuary even amir and karisma kiss was more passionate in raja hindustani 8 to 10 years ago....

Story line is very poor and I dont understand why movie name is kites? its doesnt make sense at all..... The villian of movie is just a waste there are more of comedy then scary..... kabir bedi is just a waste in movie.... Kangana is waste.

Movie doesnt have subtitles in some scenes which makes it more frustating when somebody cant speak or understand spanish.

on whole Its shuold get only one star as the dressing of both barbra and hritik looks amazing and of course dancing of hritik in fire.