3.5 Very Good


I’m sure kites will fly in the sky…movie start with these awesome lines “jab do patange ek sath hawa bahut der tak hawa me udti hai to unme se ek ko kut ke girna chahta hai”. i cant say kites is awesome movie but yes movie is good and has a very beautiful love story, it is not different from other crap bd movies.. but treatment is totally different..some romantic and action scenes are really very good.... Hrithik & Barbara are fabulous and their chemistry is just mindblowing, anurag basu direction is also very good... background music is awesome & song are also good,Choreography of Fire song is just amazing... I got 3 bad things in Kites...too much Spanish, 1st half is very slow & story is like naye botal me purani sharab.. my suggestion...if you are fed up by crap bollywood movies,if you want to feel the love,If you like something hatke then go for kites..