4 Very Good

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey

I am not sure why people are trying to pull down talented actor like Abhishek. He has done a terrific job in KHJJS much like in Raavan & Delhi 6. People should review film not try to criticize only actor because they don't like him for some reason(jealous?).
Coming to movie review, terrific job by Ashu n team. Hats off to come up with movie on this untoold part of history. Loved it. I recommend this movie to every Indian & even westeners to know how India's amrtyrs have sacrificed their lives to get independence. Those who hate Abhishek, I will say ok, don't go to theatres but whenever it releases on TV watch it if you are Indian. I am sure at that moment you will feel ashamed that you didn't watch this movie in theatre.
For unbiased cinegoers, this is a must watch cinamtic experience!
Direction, Music,Acting,everything super..