1.5 Average

Director Mr. Shakun Batra had tried to treat family over dramatic scenes in thriller style by using hand held camera with shaking effects which irritate more than giving the dramatic effect otherwise his work is fine. There is nothing in the name of story. An old person wish to click a family photo and few other sub tracks like jealousy of brothers for love, parents attention and career thing. Due to lack of story screenplay is in bits and pieces, mostly in shots. It offers so many fresh shots but fails to create the emotional quotient. Scene, when family argues badly with each other after first reunion while plumber is trying to fix the leakage is very good. A person practicing for being dead is also fresh. Almost the treatment of most of the scenes of grand father is good and humorous. Dramatic scenes are over the notes at places while somewhere under the notes. Somehow it raptures the characterization, like it was not clear that female lead was fun loving or religiously flirtiest, elder brother is shown caring and mature then why did he reveal the fact about his father to his mother while he had handled the issue previously in grand father birthday in mature way. Love scenes are stale which is another negative point of screenplay. First half is slow. Second half takes pace but then over dramatic pre climax and over stretched climax ruins it. Film is very subtle at places. Rain in the backdrop of emotional scenes are too stale. Performance wise Alia Bhatt is superb. She strikes the correct note in the emotional scene when she was talking about her parents plane crash incident. You have to have moist eyes in seconds. Rishi Kapoor as grand father is amazing. He is the charm for whom you can try this movie. Fawad Khan as elder brother Rahul is impressive. Siddharath Malhotra as younger brother Arjun is just OK. Ratna Pathak Shah as mother is very good. Rajat Kapoor as father is fine.