4.5 Excellent

KAI PO CHE: Where to start from?The film is based on chetan bhagat’s 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE and bhagat have accompanied in screenplay team with Pubali Chaudhuri,Abhishek Kapoor and Supratik Sen.It’s a heavily worked screenplay as the most difficult thing in filmmaking is to adapt a script from a novel as novels have thousands of incidents in it running at a very low pace which isn’t allowable in movies.This amazing screenplay moves from place to place flawlessly and keep you thrilled till the end. It’s a story of three friends ISHAAN(Sushant Singh Rajput),OMI(amit sadh) and GOVIND(Raj Kumar Yadav) who open their own sports and cricket coaching shop.ISHAAN soon finds a highly talented batsman called ali and takes him under his wing for training. Movie is set in Ahmadabad year 2000 and chetan bhagat have magically connected all important incidents that took place in Gujarat in that period, its so well written that looks like it’s a real story.As the movie starts to progress the perfect life of these three friend gets clouded by politics and castism and movie goes into a completely different direction giving a very scary picture of what may have occurred in Gujarat in that period. Performances are outstanding.RAJ KUMAR YADAV once again a very natural performance as govind.He lost weight for this character and more than his dialogues govind’s body language and expressions were telling the story.Amrita puri was amusing and natural.Amit sadh melts into the atmosphere of movie and in second half during emotional scenes shows gut-wrenching emotions.The real hero of the movie is SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT.Those who don’t know sushant is a popular tv actor from daily soap PAVITRA RISHTA and is a very good actor.He carries the movie on his shoulders with his rebellious,emotional and cricket addict ISHAAN.His screen presence is very natural and he delivered a powerful performance,supporting actors are also good. Anay Goswami’s cinematography is vivid.Amit trivedi composed three songs and it set the flavour of the movie,Hitesh sonik’s background score is really well as it was in akaashvani.Film’s second half and specially the riot scenes are very scary.Imagine you being in nos. of 100’s and there are 1000’s of people coming with swords to kill you.You see your ending arriving as you can only wait for that moment.Unimaginable fear and it was as it is shown in kai po che,Those scenes sent chills through my spine and I didn’t realized when my eyes got wet.That’s shear brilliance of cinema.Kai po che is an emotional roller coaster which touches your heart.There is no reason for which you should miss it.Its a gem of a movie and one of the best I’ve seen in my life.-****1/2-CINEMA AT IT’S VERY BEST