4.5 Excellent

Take a bow Abhishek Kapoor!!!!

Here is one director, who in spite of having a complete dud as his first film as director (Aryan- way back in 2006) stuck to his convictions, did not succumb to the shallow greedy world of Bollywood and gave us Rock on in 2008 wherein he not only made guys like Farhan Akhtar and Arjun Rampal into Superstars, but also introduced a very subtle, real life approach to filming and presenting a story.. Post Rock On, I am sure this guy must have been offered the moon by producers, but once again he has stuck to his guns and given us one of the finest films of 2013 in Kaai Po Che (KPC)

The story set in Ahmedabad, revolves around the lives of 3 just out of teen friends over a span of 3 years in the years 2000 to 2002 interwoven between 3 defining moments within those years – The massive earthquake that rocked Gujarat, the greatest test match victory for India ever in its history and the post godhra riots. How these episodes shape their respective lives and destinies forms the crux of this film.

The beauty of KPC lies within…inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s 3 mistakes of my life, and having read the book, I can say that the director has taken the liberty of tweaking the basic storyline of the book to suit a film narrative to the tee. The bang on casting of the 3 friends (Brilliant Rajkumar Yadav, A very natural and fresh Sushant Singh Rajput and an intense Amit Sadh), Manav Kaul (Amit’s Mama), Amrita Puri ( Sushant’s sister and Rajkumar’s lady love) and the cricketing prodigy Ali (played by Digvijay Deshmukh) adds to taking this film to another level. To put so much confidence in raw talent and newcomers is not an easy task (both creatively and economically). To add to this is the mesmerising music composed by the talented Amit Trivedi to the lyrics of Swanand Kirkire. The 3 songs, all of which come in background capture the mood and the moments of the film brilliantly.

Bollywood has been dishing out bromances for years together with notable ones being Dosti, Yaarana, Dil Chahta hai, Rock on and ZNMD. What sets this one apart is the simplistic nature of the tale with equal doses of drama, humor, tension but never dipping in the entertainment quotient. This one never relies on any star power to pull it through and is truly a collaborative effort from the entire cast and crew.
Kai Po Che is a winning cry used in Gujarat in Kite flying when one cuts the other’s Kite. Hope KPC cuts the string of Mediocre Bollywood Directors and forces them to come up with more deeper and meaningful stuff in the future….If one does feel the need to get inspired , this is the way to go about it…

Go for it Guys!!!!!! Must watch!!!!!!