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Kabul Express

to the whole bollywood film industry
As an Afghan and as a Human being i am asking yash raj and the whole bollywood film industry and especialy kabir khan the film director of Kabul Express that how could you produce such an absurd and racist film. how could you all make a film with out the knowledge of a country's history and its people and yet you went ahead and produced a film which is very racist and discriminator against Hazara race internationally. you had no right to discriminated a whole race internationally in media which you dont even have a clue about that race. with which right you allowed yourself to commment and use you nosences dialouges in your absurd movie. i thought bollywood industry can produce films that people should learn about life from those films but i didnt know that this industry is an international discriminator and racist i hope your are aware of your nonsence and arragont film production. i wished only kabir khan was an absurd director but i didnt know the whole producers and yash raj film indusrty is like that. you have no idea how much hatered you casue between people and races i hoppe you are ashamed of your racist film and sorry for it ............................................