4.5 Excellent

Kabul Express


People really don't think these days. Bollywood is changing big times with movies like this, and I love it. No one really appreciates the new ideas that it Has to offer.
People are so used to the usual naach ganaa, or some stupid Indian family drama, that they don't expect anything else from a bolly movie.
And on the other hand they also want an Oscar. well this is the material that can get us one, a really different story & a GREAT Thriller.
We need to open up our narrow thinking & see what else is there, apart from a typical bollywood flick.
Sure it has some anti-pakistani feelings, but hey truth always hurts, not everyone can handle it.
Appreciate efforts from Directors like Kabir Khan, so we don't get laughed at by Hollywood & int. cinema about our usual nach gaana.