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Jodhaa Akbar

Jodha Akbar promo when came started with

coming from the director of the Academy award nominated Lagaan and Critically acclaimed Swades . JA’s major problem lies here . Ashutosh gowariker after making a classic starts believing I cannot make a simple film or a simply normal love story I always need to make intense / serious films with a message . so for this he makes a historical takes name from history books and some facts and adds his love story to it . no problem in that but atleast it should be interesting . so now this is called period drama seriously I fu see the film u will know u see this every day on tv.

There is a dialogue in the end of the movie that no where in history people have given imp to this love story then why the hell did AG decided to prove it as the greatest romantic story on earth . he should have limited his film to Akbar the great and it would have been a great film . now lets go to the story well to say it moves forward for first 40 mins , then goes on slow death .

I seriously Wonder how people find this war scenes good . first of all both the armies are so far away that when they are asked to fight one wonders wouldn’t they become thirsty after reaching there . and guess what same thing happens . both the sides after running for 100 miles reach near each other starts applying brake instead of attacking them . its like bhaiyyo lets drink water and then will fight . usally when the armies collide they r moved backward but here nothing like that is seen I felt like I was watching mahabharata on tv .

In the end fight scene its even funnier . the movement of both actors are funny . suddenly akbar becomes dhoom2 aryan and starts giving kicks to protect himself . sorry but this @#$%& I mean it just donot look like it is being held in 15th century they should be doing it with just their weapons. the hrithik – ash sword sceene is so long one hopes that akbar kills jodhabhai by mistake atleast this will get over .

Another one is the elephant fight scene with akbar where suddenly akbar gets superpower and walks on wall to climb on elephant wah kya scene hai wah kya scen hai but it is being taken in wrong film . and well I still did not mentioned the whole 5 min scene to showcase hrithiks puffed up body . well how can AG let Hrithiks female fans unhappy .

Now lets go to some ekta kapoor scenes . Am pretty sure everybody has watched ekta kapoor serials there is always a main lead in it ( jodha bai here ) , the vamp ( ila arun ) and a good chracter ( akbars mom ) . well its same here if u wonder what am I talking well read this :-

jodhabai decides to cook food by her own hands on a dawat to make his husband happy but this donot makes ila arun happy ( her name is pretty odd something like nagini ) so in next scene when they come to give food she asks jodhabai to taste it as it may be not suitable for Akbar . oh yeah right but then scene don’t end here after jodhabais tasting of food akbar says I will eat in same thali . shitt I wanted to beat the hell out of that guy who gave me a free ticket .

Ash sings man mohana song in a room but it pierces all the walls of the mughal mahal and reches the darbar . wah kya piercing awaj hai

After their marriage hrithik suddenly sees heavenly light an starts dancing . well this was funny really it was unintentionally funny .

Hrithik performans well and does his best but he reminds a lot like dhoom2 , krrish . he should have done something diff like put some weight to look diff.

Ash is good and looks great but her role is less and nothing much to do .

Character roles are all done by bad actors .

Ila arun is ott as usual .

Sonu sood gets 20 mins out of which 8 mins he waste on dying scene . yeah he lived for 8 mins after being hit by 8 arrows .

The lady playing akbars mom and jodhabais mom are funny . during jodhabais marriage I couldn’t understand if her mom was crying or laughing . Akbars mom has no expressions as such .

Background music is rubbish . music by ar rahman is good and picturisation is good except that superb dance from hrithik . Ash looks really hot In lamhon kein daama n mein .

As a director AG has completely screwed the film . actually he just cannot handle such films . the interesting part he directed badly and the other parts is too boring . also scenes are stretched so much one looses patience every now and then .

Cinematography and grandeur of films Is great only good thing in movie

Rating well – 1/5

And well did I mention that in the movie Akbar gets critical his health is getting worse and what happens next well jodhabai prays to his god and Akbar is normal again . wah kya bhakti hai .