3.5 Very Good

Jodhaa Akbar

Its about a chapter in history that no one has heard about. And if you want to hear about that chapter, then J-A is for you!
Its a massive star cast, with many characters! Each one has something to do and something to say. If history was your fav subject in school, then seeing it come to life on the big screen would definately bring a smile on your face.
Its colorful, its larger than life, its stunning, its soothing. Hrithik as Akbar is perfect, Ash looks stunning, Ila Arun is at her best, A.R.Rahman's music is soothing.
The film however drags to over 3hrs 30 mins, and it does get slow. The film is mainly about the love between Jodhaa and Akbar, and that is shown to develop only after you are half way into the film! Never the less, do watch the film. Its in a different league in comparision to Lagaan and Swades, and the fact that the director can handle such diverse films is applaudable! Great work Ashu!