4.5 Excellent

Jodhaa Akbar

Went for the movie first time last weekend to watch it. I was in thinking after seeing the response to the movie which is already in its third weekend. We went for 2:30 pm show on Fun Cinema, Laxmi Nagar but I surprised when came to know that show is house full. Then ask for next show which was at 4 pm response is same all tickets sold out, the ticketer says please wait till 3:45 pm if any telephone ticketing cancelled then provide you two tickets as you need. Thank god we got the tickets. We really enjoyed the movie a lot. Love all the songs simply super and pair of Aish and Hrithik. The chemistry between both of them on the screen really very nice. Word is not enough to praise director Ashutosh who can make a story compete to hollywood. He deserves an award for it. A R rahman’s music is also great and the choreography is a masterpiece. As you all know the movie is a visual treat then what I can say about sets, costumes etc. etc. all are simply great. Now the acting then (after KMG, Krishh & Dhoom II) Hrithik proves again that he is not only a dancer, he is a great actor after Aamir Khan in recent times. Ash is also acted so nice. Both of them done a award winning performances. Rest of the characters are also superb. Another award winning performances in the movie are Sujajmal and Raisuddin. A bit slow (approx 20 minutes) in between 1st to 2nd hour, otherwise u can’t feel that it’s a 3 : 20 minute movie. Really a great movie.