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JAZBAA - So its the Big Comeback this Friday from the gorgeous (i think the whole country would agree on that) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. From the start when i get to here that Aish is doing a comeback in a Sanjay Gupta film , i was little shocked. Sanjay Gupta is not a mainstream director in Bollywood. He make genre movies , mostly crime and thriller. That too mostly with actors like Sanjay Dutt , Sunil Shetty and Anil Kapoor. Yes there was Amitab Bachchan in Kaante and John Abraham in Shoot Out at Wadala which are actually the exceptions in his not so great Filmography.. So why Aish choose this movie , may be because Gupta's last outing was a hit or may be Aish connected with the character of the mother. Whatever the reason is , it was a not so good decision. And this movie will not give any push to Aish's carrier. I really don't have anything much to write. Because there is nothing great in the movie (except the beautiful cinematography) neither there is anything worst in the movie . It was just passable. So i am gonna keep this review short The whole story has been almost shown in the trailer , only suspense left in the movie was that who exactly was the kidnapper. That too has been predicted by my friend sitting with me almost around interval. Nor it was too shocking. Actually i kind of disliked the climax. The courtroom scenes are done totally in a childish manner. I mean can a High Court Judge really give bail to a person whom the lower court has regarded as convict just because his lawyer in High Court proves that there was another person in the house when murder was done. Although she is not denying that his client could be the murderer. That was so silly. I didn't liked the characterisation too. Aish's character hasn't been shown as an honest lawyer. Infect the first scene in the film shows that she will do anything to save his client whether its legal or illegal . And yes she only takes the case of guilty criminal as they only can afford his fees. I imagine why exactly kidnapping has been done of his daughter , she could have taken the case happily as this was what she does - saving criminals. Then there was Irfan Khan. Already given too breakthrough performance this year , this time he choose wrong. His chemistry with Aish was totally bad. They two are not to bring together . And yes those over the top dialogues made Irfan's character uninteresting. I mean yes those dialogues are poetic (not all of them but some of them) , but totally irrelevant for the film. After many time there comes a picture where actually i didn't enjoyed Irfan Khan . And same goes for Sabana Azmi. I am not blaming them , its totally writers fault. Sanjay Gupta's track record is not great , but he use to make watchable movies. This one also goes in the category of ZINDA and DUS KAHANIYA. But they could have gone in the category if KAANTE and SHOOTOUT AT WADALA if written well. This was only style without material. The cinematography is one thing which i have to appreciate. The look of Mumbai was totally unique like never seen before which could only be enjoyed in big screen. But i guess that's not enough to pay the price of the ticket.

O yes , i forget to tell about Aishwarya's acting. Well i think its still the same. She is always good in good director's hand , average in average director's hand and bad in bad director's hand. And here she was average. 5.9/10. By ANuP APu KuMaR