3 Good

Jannat 2

Bhatts though always lift movies from Hollywood indirectly or directly but make good films, and give newcomers chance to shine
jannat 2 though is predictable yet it showcases the talent of Randeep and Emraan perfectly and also of th villian Manish who was superb again in BLOOD MONEY
Emraan is going through his best phase after Murder 2 and TDP
The film is handled well by Kunal Deshmukh
Music is good
The film does resemble LORD OF WAR and also countless films earlier but yet it's a superb watch
The ending is very unpredictable thankfully
Emraan and Randeep steal the show with their superb act, after hitting it out with OAUTIM here too they excel, Esha is ordinary but looks good
Manish the villian is superb