3.5 Very Good

I am so surprised to see there are no reviews for this album -- it was not bad however it is not the best work of Sharib/Toshi.

Bariley ke Bazaar Mein - i hate these type of items songs - its a personal thing nor do i know a lot of people that appreciate this kind of music

Daate Sun Le - Lata ji and good lyrics is highlights of this - i preferred the contemporary mix for this more than the original -- but i dnt know how this song will fare in the movie -- but its more of a lesson rather than a song

Sainya Ve - i was dissapointed here as this song was not as good as it could have been - i found the remix for this the best as this was the Toshi we have to known to love to hear -- the other renditions are just too plain - less energy

Milke Yun Laga - best song of the album - awesome vocals by Sharib -- he ousts his brother here big time and shows why he is an equal member of this music duo -- but even this song it sounded like we have heard this before - they need to bring out another song like Maahi... waiting for them

Decent album none the less. some songs are good addition i guess ill give it a 3.5/5