1 Poor


Main problem of this film is bad characterization. For example title Hunter is too harsh for main lead. Actually he is novice, vulnerable and confused, which are basic minus points of a hunter. He should have been at least over smart. The publicity designer work is superb. They create more curiosity than any other thing of this film. There is just an idea in the name of story. Dialogues by Director, Writer, Mr. Harshvarshan Kulkarni are good at places. Few scenes are innovative, cute and funny, like head shaved boys in school, When main lead meets with girl's parents in shopping mall. Other major drawback is the narration style, they always take the film in flashback and mention the time lapse by supers, so I get confused so many times to connect them, this type of narrating style is good for thriller but stains the mood in comedy genre. Taking advantage of dreams in flashback is many times, it tickles first but then irritates. Promo was promising that this is almost in sex comedy genre but there is no sizzling dialogues or scenes. There were scope but deliberately they preferred to keep it undertone. They could have easily gone for U/A certificate but why did they settle for A, I am quite unable to understand. Movie is slow most of the places. Scenes also give jerky feel. Length should have been less for sure. Emotional note in climax gives some sweet taste at last. Performance wise Gulshan Devaiah as Mandar is fine. Radhika Apte as Tripti is fantastic. Her change of emotions, are very good, especially in the kitchen scene in pre climax. Sai Tamhankar as Jyotsna, is very good. One song "Don't reject me, I am a learner" is good.