4.5 Excellent

Once in a decade,this kind of exceptional cinema is showcased.Hats off to Sajid Khan,He,ONLY HE could have made such a masterpiece,and no one else.The film is an example of path-breaking or 'Hatke' cinema.Apart from being a great comedy,the movie also has a tremendous,strong emotional quotient which comes to you as a sheer surprise,as no one can think of Sajid Khan,going that way.There are many sequences,in which one would practically move to tears.
The film not only talks about Boys,turning into Man,from bachelorhood to fatherhood.It also enlightens you on the path of self-improvement.Hey Sajid,keep it up!Kudos.The movie rocks big time.
As for the performances,in the order,Akshay kumar is brilliant,excellent.His expressions are great,be it in comic or emotional avatar.Fardeen is great,so is Ritesh.Vidhya seem to have bulky,but looks beautiful and enacts her part well.She must blast her belly.Boman is strictly Okay.But the REAL STAR of the whole enterprise is the small,innocent,cute Small Baby.She is a Born star!When she laughs,you laugh,when she cries,tears come out of your eyes.
The film has already been declared a Super-Hit,which it definitely deserved.Go babyy Go