4 Very Good

Haunted – 3D

When writing this review, its almost 1 hours left and the effect of the film is still on my mind. Really the experience is very good.

This is India's first attempt on stereoscopic 3D film genre. And its not 2D to 3D conversion. Last time I saw 3D feature film (not 3D animation) was SAW 3D. And after watching this movie I will say 1 thing --- THIS IS CALLED 3D HORROR.

Lets talk about script. Script is very simple but well narrated. At some part it could have been something different. There were some sequences where you will freak out like a kid.

I will mention some exciting elements of this film but I will not tell the story, cause i don't want to remove the first impression from the viewers.

1 ) Background Sound - Very Very good. Its like the teacher constantly staring at you when you are giving exam. (dont know if you got my point of view)

2 ) 3D Effect - This film has used the 3D technology very well. you cant enjoy some scenes without 3D. There is one scene when the camera panning through the forest very fast. You will feel like its dragging you with it by grabbing your neck.

3 ) Songs - Very good tracks. I like the *jaaniya* track.

4 ) Ghost Makeup - Very freaky.

5 ) Last of all - Special Effects and cinematography.

This is a complete desi horror flick with international horror film technology.

Go for it if you want to feel goose bump.