5 Excellent

Happy New Year

Happy New Year is the film of one son’s helter and skelter oath to act upon a risky plan where Charlie (SRK) a pain stricken boy seeks a scope to take revenge against villain roller Charan Glover ,w ho allotting his power of money insists a plan to send his father into the dark curse of confinement in the prison falsely disclaiming him as the verdict of theft of diamond which is valued in the rate of three hundred crore in Dubai. After that, the turn of his father’s life reaches into the jaw of desolation and in the beat of cruel fate one day father of Charlie ( Anupam Kher) gives up his last breath . Then Charlie burns a fire of revenge in his heart against the evil doer. Charlie’s risky quest to pull of the biggest diamond from a sophisticated locker in Dubai makes the premises of the film.
With an introduction of the world dance championship where Team from India led by Charlie , the topper of Boston university sparkles their spirituated craze to be winner in taking challenge to fight against other top dancers with their glances of dance but luminous Indian Team becomes the victim of underestimation in where they are considered as the looser that is raised from the arrogant mouth of Charan Glover.

Charile makes his entry with his heart bluster all illegal kicks in the boxing match where in ,SRK keeps continue his mouth to give his wonderful one liner dialogue as he speaks out his previous film and those raise spectator’s furs in the body , to stand in amazing. That moment of this movie heightens Charlie’s mood of actions rather than function. In that context we keep our view that the films deserve full marks to be the film of actions. Here main planner Charlie , the chor keeps his strong oath to take revenge for his father Monhar (Anupam Kher) whose life is crushed under the concrete plan of evil mind of Charan Glover who knits a net of conviction declaiming him as actor of theft to send him into the prison in spite of Monohor’s being innocent . Charlie’s aim is to steal Rs. Three crore llumiounous worth diamond that is kept under the care of Charan Glover in Dubai. In the projection of plan Charlie is accompanied by his four dearest nearest one who are kept themselves close to Charlie’s hear. His lovable well-wisher Jagmonan Prasad (Sonu Sood ,) a partially , deaf and stout man of ex- army and member of bomb squad , likes , still, to stand beside Charlie to execute his plan in his share of cutting pipe of water , that helps Charlie and Tammy in their escaping after theft. Tammy’s (Bomb Irani) trace comes to us in this movie as an expert of opening rich and sophisticated lock and unlocking the lock of diamond , he proves himself as strong helper of Charlie and in his well planned action . He is also focussed as the person of self confession. Then one name is pronounciated in the mouth of his fan and he is Nandu (Ahbisek Bachchan ) whose power supply goes in his doing puke any where. The young hacker Rohan Sing(Vivaan Shah) pleases to live in practical his thoughts but his feelings to his Charlie comes in picture with praise worthy words when he , lacking all hesitations from his mind, helps to hack information of the diamond preservation.preservation. Mohini , the heart thriller Deepika Padukone aims at playing role as a professional bar dancer who lives in her dream of opening dance school for young girls but work of her bar dancing is completely unintentional but this grievous unintentional bar dancing is only the way to fill up her scarce life where common needs strongly enforces her to keep constant dance in the bar. She is blown by a valuable inspiration when she finds English talking people .At the end of the film when Charlie and his friends want to rush back to India she is only the one who does not break the hearts of those Indian who still keeps their light of hope on the dance of Indian team who , at last , is salutated by a judge who impresses how the leader Charlie surrenders his life to save one dancer’s life. Life is for the sake of other, that is kept leant by The Indian Team.

Charlie’s aim is not only centred with stealing diamond from the treasury of Dubai but his aim is to restore the glory of his father putting Charan into the dark curse of confinement in the prison as his father suffers from. But this course of execution of plan Team India keeps engage themselves in dance world championship in Atlantis Hotel exactly where evil doer Charan , in accordance with plan, will be convicted by the theft of diamond and the soul of Charlie’s father will feel peace. In spite of being non- dancers, the team India makes their dance steps but they try to survive their rank after receiving cruel underestimations. But at the last moment they reach in success of their plan unlocking the sophisticated lock where diamond are picked up with conscious plan wise placing all evidences against Charan who by their net of constipation has been convicted as a verdict of the theft is enforced to stay in the prison. And with the delicate grace team India meet a glorious win of Trophy to be The Shun of India. A happy ending is the last appearance of this film with a catchy benedictions of smile in the mouth of Team India learning a lesson that life is a panoramic blend of winner and loosers.Winner always feels arrogant where losers are kept in the state of underestimation in front of eyes of winner but if the losers are granted a scope to do as winner does, the loser in the course of any challenge can declare their win.

Farah the director cum choreographer , under the shed of the success in her presentation of mega bock bluster films Main Hoon Na,Om Shanti OM , seems to look its betterment adding more crispy spieces with use of more comic scenes that bring many scopes for us to laugh when mind becomes hardened a pressure of work. Along with writer Mayur Puri ‘s story she makes this film glossy with stunning visual. The run time of this film is almost three hours, along with more comic scenes, dance and music, keep you engage in constant entertainment.
The acting department as far as is concerned as in the course of acting every player of this film give their hot power pact performances till their spirits end. It is the leading roller Shah Rukh Khan who takes heavy pressure of responsibility on his able shoulder and makes justice with it in the proper form. In the sequences of the action when he is ordered to fight , in the sequences of pure concentrated essence of love for his lady love Deepika Padukone and his performances in rolling as Charlie go keeping beyond other department. Not only that Shahrukh Khan brings an exaltation in rolling as action hero who is the boy of singing, dancing doing extravagant justice with them. Deepika Padukone dwells on playing her role of Marathi bar dancer who does lot raising her quirky laughter to the hearts of cine-lover as she does in Chennai Express More tastes of doing comic actions she adds in this movie.The most mind blowing episode is when she plays her silent love role towards Shahrukh who underestimates her on her being of bar dancer. Her tears raise many holy and true pain that should deserve taking pity on her. Sonu, in his every shot of acting comes with his convincing fun.After Bol Bachchan Abhisek does a lot loud comedy where he adds his iconic dialogues and keeping himself on double role he increases his best acting as a comic hero where he becomes fuse to do his work and falls from his beat of nerve being confused. His role in becoming undressed to show his loyalty to Charlie is complete rise of laugher. He is quite right in his ever-versatility. As a bankable actor he deserves to get praise. His roles are tailor made for him. Vivaan Shah doesn’t fail his nerves in the course in where he does everything as power pact actor does. Jackie Shroff is very apt in villain role.After his fatherly act in Dhoom 3 he does justice in his role of villain.He seems to be a cause for making up a mission that is assured by the hand of SKR. His acting in villain role does not go to the froze zone of disappointment. Anupam kher is shown in convincing emotional appearance in spite of his brief role.
The music of this film is, undoubtedly, a heart thrilling music indeed. The joint efforts of Vishal and Shekhar add a heightened rate of movement in music. The projection of song in here is made to focus out the circumstances of film and it wouldn’t be overstatement if we come in consideration that the music is very apt in the every situation in this movie and the music pulls the film to go forward. John Steward adds soul to the background music that is good and apt to be impression .Excellent choreography of Farah khan and Gitakapoor subjugates the hearts of dance lovers who always keeps preserving dance mood. Tushar Parekh and Anand’s sublimity in doing edit , brings sufficient grandeur for the film. Cinematography in the hand of Manush Nandan earns worth for praise. Mayur Puri ,as the screen writer of this movie ,empowers flavours of dosti, masti, friendship, subtle silent sweet romance ,subtle sentiments , endless emotions and quirky lighters. In the sequences of actions Suniel Rodrique and Dave Judge end their power to make the film of actions. Bollywood Badsa gives a heart thrilling actions in his every moment to make his film a strong filmy bond, where as Deepika Padukone shows her benevolent credits . All makers, acting stars, dancers have spared their sweat and perspiration to make the film look extravagant and visually stunning. In this context VFT , with its quick action, doing this deserves a special mention and sublime mention. Over all this film is mind blowing and heart blowing.