4 Very Good

Halla Bol

Rks – Ajay devgan has always been a great combo giving films with a message . “ Halla Bol “ adds another film to their list . Halla Bol doesnot means to attack it means to fight against injustices that’s the message of the movie .

Movie is a story of Samir khan who from a normal person became a big star but in that lost his conscience until one day he sees a murder and decides to fight for it . its basically based on Jesssica lal case but is mixed up nicely with the film industry .

First half is a bit slow to start and one do feel bored at some times until it goes in flashback and from then on film goes on brilliantly . there are some usual clichés and digs at the film industry but that’s fun to see .
Second half is superb with lot of powerful dialogues and punches . in one word superb . background music adds to the effect of the movie .

Ajay devgan acts very well overall though he looks a bit out of place when has to portray the starry behaviour but that’ only for some 5-6 scenes overall he is very good .Vidya balan don’t have much to do but is good in her role .Pankaj kapoor is superb in a a role made for him . just look for the scene where they are firing bullets on him and he just scares them with their eyes simply awesome . Darshan Jhariwala is strictly ok as a minister

Story and screenplay are by Rks and barring the first 25 mins its pretty good .
Editing from steven bernard is perfect and not once film looks getting stretch .Background music barring at places where nto needed ( like when they are taking Ajay devgan to hospital ) is powerful .

Rks is back as a director after disappointing Family and glad to see it .
Rating– 3.75/5