4.5 Excellent


Guzarish is an outstanding Movie in all respects.

OK, Let's review me in detail.

As expectations and promos Guzarish is Slow Movie, but very well made movie. It carries the bunch of emotions which doesn't makes us cry, but force us to think for the life of a paralyze persons, that how they live in their daily life?
These is the subject what Bhansali Sir wants to share with Audience.

In movie, there are many scenes in which we really feel pity on Hrithik and his living conditions. As I say before, the movie is slow, but It is watchable.

Here, I want to really thanks to Sanjay leela Bhansali for distribute these beautiful Gift to Bollywood. He is full form after unsuccess of 'Sawariya'. I can say Its an excellent work by Sanjay leela Bhansali till now of his career.

The pair of Hrithik and Aish is electrifying. onscreen chemistry is awesome. Hrithik and Aish both are in good touch and Excellent performance by both. Makrand is good in short role. Aditya Roy Kapoor once again surprise pack after 'Action Replay'. I think he is capable to become a good actor. He has Started his career with stars like Akshay, Hrithik and Aish. I wish him best of luck for his career and wish to watch him again in some Movie.

Music is soulful & heart touching. Here I want to single out 4 songs. Title track, Sau gram zindagi, Tera zikra & Udi. Udi & tera zikra are very well choreographed and we really like to watch them.

Overall, Guzarish is an outstanding experience for those who want to see something different, not for masala movie Viewers. Really Watchable, Romantic Drama in all respects. Must watch