5 Excellent


GURU : Immortal

Mani Ratnam's third try after "UNLUCKY" Dil Se and Yuva.This movie came like a revelation to film students like me who lost all the hope in Indian Cinema.

Now i believe that we can make quality cinema and there is a director like Mani Ratnam who hardly make compromises on his films and shows us the path.

Rajeev Menon and his camera absorbs frames that are so true and leaves a deep impression of Neo-Rembrandtism.

A R Rahman's Background Score adds so much to the emotions left unexpressed.He is every directors dream.He is the best thing ever happened to Indian Film Music.

Abhishek Bachan proves what Amitabh Bachan failed to prove with his performances all these years including Black that "Method Acting" is not really dead in Hindi Cinema.Abhishek, you may not celebrate the kind of "Super Stardom" your father enjoyed but the acting prowess you displayed in Guru is way above Mr.Amitabh Bachan's long list of performances.