5 Excellent


Everyone said that this movie was too violent. I thought why should I waste my time? But finally took a chance, mind you I was wrong, Ghajini was indeed a great movie. Inspite of the violence the story made sense.

Kalpana was so helpful and nice that I didn't want her to die. She was the one who brought the movie to the top. She looked stunning in the song 'aye bachchu' which compelled me to see the song again in Youtube. I hate romantic movie but this is one love story i prefer to watch again.

Aamir Khan was like a ferocious lion when he fought, while Ghajini didn't look that scary as a villain should look. But that makes it more realistic.

Over all: Aamir - outstanding, Asin - Brilliant Pradeep Rawat - Good, Jiah - OKAY